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You'll cruise effortlessly through sparkling azure seas and lose yourself on pristine white sand of rarely visited beaches in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. This is the perfect way to see the best beaches, diving and surf breaks in the Indonesian archipelago.


Some can only dream of paradise. We can take you there - to a world where you can escape your reality.


Reward yourself with comfort and opulence and take delight in the beauty and purity of Indonesia’s water wonderland.


Whether you’re joining us to surf, dive, or for an exciting remote adventure, every aspect of your journey with us is tailored to your specific desires, with always an element of the unknown. Put it on your wish list. It’s a trip you’ll never forget.



Situated almost directly on the equator, our travels in this region take us to various groups of islands, the Mentawai Islands, the Telo Islands, Nias and the Banyaks and the coast line of Banda Ache, all of which are located off the west coast of Sumatra.

The region provides an unmatched water paradise with empty beaches, dive spots and fishing, all available in complete privacy if you wish.



Off the coast of Indonesia’s sparsely populated West Papua province lays the Raja Ampat archipelago. This seemingly endless maze of nearly 1,500 islands, signified by sheer–sided mushroom–shaped formations scattered across azure seas, were first explored in the mid-19th century by Alfred Russell Wallace, contemporary of Darwin and co–founder of the theory of natural selection.


“I have been on a few Boat trips over the years but never on one where my wife and I felt so pampered and secure.
Your knowledge and experience was clear to see and manifests itself in the competent crew that work as one.
The tasks at hand daily for yourself and all your crew is astonishing , especially Sri , who does so much and Erik who did surf guiding , photographs , guitar playing etc etc I am not sure how you guys do all the multitasking.
In the end a successful boat is a reflection on a exceptional Captain/Manager and you proved to be the best I have had the pleasure to meet.
Thank you yet again for being such an enjoyable host as well.

— G. Wright, South Africa

“We had an amazing time on the Ratu Motu, 14 days of blue heaven island hopping in West Papua.
The best family vacation we have ever had... Not sure how we can holiday anywhere else now...”

— Jenny, California, USA

“Our family trip aboard Ratu Motu was nothing short of exceptional. From diving, kid friendly snorkelling and surfing, to island hopping, wonderful food and fishing, this holiday has it all for everyone in ultimate luxury and in the safe hands of incredible staff. Trip of a lifetime! ”

— Naomi Singer, Mother

“Put simply it was the best fishing experience I have had. When we needed to give our backs and arms a rest the Ratu Motu was the perfect home. The crew worked tirelessly to make everything about our stay memorable. The food was unbelievable and our cabins fully decked out. The facilities far surpassed my expectations.”

— Nick Paton, Fisherman

“The trip was sensational from many aspects.
The boat was a real treat - presented beautifully.
The Crew was excellent - both boat and surf related.
The weather and surf was as good as it gets…

— Peter Dickson, Editor, Longbreak Magazine

“The trip was amazing and way more than I expected, the service outstanding!
Ratu Motu had a real true feeling to it, like you were making great friends while on holiday with some of the best waves in the world!”

— Stuart Gibson, Photographer